Frequently Asked Questions


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As an individual, you can become a member by easily registering to the portal:

If you are a representative of an organization or a company you should first become an individual member of the organization and then as an individual member register your organization. You can pay the membership fee here: and you have to submit the membership request for your organization/company here:

There are different tiers of membership but it is always free for any individual to become a visiting member of the association.

Membership tiers and fees:

  • Visiting member (for individuals): Free
  • Full member (for individuals): 100€ per year
  • Partner member (for organizations and companies): 500€ per year

Swedish AI Fund (SAIF)

Anyone from anywhere in the world can apply for the fund. It is available regardless of where you live.

The Swedish AI Fund is created to help applicants cover their costs. You will not be able to apply for a research fund but you can cover one or more purchase with this fund to help decrease your research cost.

SAIF’s purpose is to help you cover the cost of purchases regarding AI development. If you are funded by other institutions you need to inform them to make sure it doesn’t interfere with those funds/grants. We at the AI Association are not limiting our applicants to use only this fund as long as the other providers are not limiting you.